Nox Gaming Server Rules

NoxGaming was made for players to have fun. We gather many different players and personalities and misunderstandings tend to happen. But please remember to respect each other and have discussions, not arguments. If you find yourself disagreeing with another member, make sure that your opinion is well thought and express it in polite way. Please understand that there are views different than yours. Treat other players exactly how you would like to be treated yourself. Important notes
  • Punishments below are only default penalties. But since every case is different, penalties can vary depending on offense.
  • If player is continuously breaking same rule despite previous punishments, his penalty length will keep accumulating.
  • If player keeps breaking this rule on different account/characters, the consequences will still be accumulated.
  • Warnings do not have to be PM'd. If there is a world chat infraction, a warning may be given via chat.
  • It's not mandatory for Staff member to warn player depending on the situation.

1.0 - General Rules [GR]

1.1 - Common Sense:
All players are required to use common sense.
1.2 - Offensive Behaviour:
Respect all players and staff members. All forms of racism, pornography, hate speech, harassment and excessive swearing, or any form of illicit or discriminatory content is not allowed.
1.3 - Trolling:
Do not troll. Trolling is defined as continuously performing an action to annoy, upset or provoke a reaction from other players.
1.4 - Ban Evasion:
Do not attempt to evade your ban, a correct appeal must be placed on the website if you disagree with your ban. If you are caught circumventing your ban your original ban will be extended.
1.5 - Lagging Server:
Purposely lagging the server(s) or causing unneeded stress is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
1.6 - Cheating:
You may not use cheats, automated software, hacks, or any type of unauthorised third-party software designed to modify or gain any type of advantage. This includes selling/promoting cheats or hacks on our services.
1.7 - Exploiting:
You may not use or exploit any type of glitch, bug or unintended feature for personal gain, this includes broken plugins such as safezones. Doing so often will result in a perm ban.
1.8 - Real World Trading:
Real world trading is the act of trading anything outside Nox Gaming for in-game items or vice versa. Do not do this.
1.9 - Advertisement:
All forms of advertisement (This includes Advertisement in usernames, links as username, link in usernames)is strictly forbidden.
1.10 - AFK Farming:
Staying afk to get the playtime salary or dropboxes is strictly forbidden.
1.11 - False Player Reports:

False player reports are noted. The admin can decide whether to warn the player or just make a note. Too many false player reports can lead to a ban.
1.12 - Discord Texts:
Do not share images containing manipulated text or anything manipulated without permission. This includes photoshopped or other methods of manipulation “framing” someone for saying something they did not.
1.13 - Player Names:
Player names may not include the following: Insults, Slurs or Racist themes, Excessive profanity, or links.
1.15 - Caps Usage:
Many players often use CAPS when typing to get people's attention. Although it works and you can use it from time to time, try to not spam it. This doesn't mean don't use CAPS, just don't spam it or overuse it.
1.16 - Limit:
If a staff member deems your base to be too big, then it may be wiped.
1.17 - Glitch:
Under NO circumstances are you allowed to build glitched bases.
1.18 - Roads & Streets:
Under NO circumstances are you allowed to build over Streets or Roads.
1.19 - Loot Blocking:
Under NO circumstances are you allowed to build in any House or Location where Loot spawns. You are allowed to Build in empty houses and in Meowburg on Nox #9
This includes:
  • Caves
  • Cave enterence
  • Buildings
  • Tunnels
  • Bunkers (except on Elver, NoxPEI & Nox-PVE)
  • Tents
1.20 - World Chat Language:
Every language is respected, but only English is allowed in the World/Main chat. To the general public to love. You must write or speak in English in public chat. Use the Area chat if you want to speak in a different language. Ignoring the rule can lead to a 6 hour up to permanent ban, depending on how often you were warned.
1.21 - Asking for Items, Ranks, Vehicles or other stuff:
Do not ask admins for items, Experience, Vehicles etc. Punishable by warning, followed by a kick or ban.
1.22 - False Accusations:
Falsely accusing a player or staff member of something that the player or staff member didn't do is against's the rules.
1.23 - Random Objects:
Placing objects unnecessarily is prohibited. That consumes resources unnecessarily.
This especially counts for:
  • Plots
  • Cement Bags
  • Tanktraps
  • Water Tank
  • Fuel Tank
1.24 - Account Security:
You are responsible for your account security. If your friend, dog, cat, mother, son, cousin, etc. logs onto your account and gets you banned, it's still your fault and you won’t get unbanned.
1.25 - Attempting to be a staff member/other player:
Any form of player or staff impersonation is strictly forbidden.

2.0 - PVE Server [PVES]

These rules are only for the PVE Servers of Nox Gaming. All rules of General Rules [GR] also apply to all PVE servers.
2.1 - Attempting to raid a player:
The attempt or the raid of a player is prohibited.
This counts for:
  • Destroying or stealing players seeds
  • Placing structures, barricades, seeds and traps on players base
  • Destroying vehicles and vehicle tires
  • Stealing vehicles and vehicle tires
  • Destroying players base (Walls, Floors, Pillars, Roofs, Windows, Doors, etc.)
2.2 - Car Parking:
You are not allowed to leave your car on the Street/Road. Car's on the Street/Road might be removed without notice.
2.3 - Vehicle Sentrys:
You are not allowed to have more then 4 sentrys on a vehicle. Vehicles with more than 4 sentries will be deleted without warning.
2.4 - Road Blocking:
Don't place any Barricades, Structure or Objects on the road.
2.5 - Vehicles:
Vehicles that do not have a license plate are not protected.
2.6 - Meowburg:
General Meowburg rules
  • You are not allowed to expand you houser with extra Structures (Wall, Floor, Roof, Pillar etc.)
  • Claim Flags around or in Meowburg are strictly forbidden
  • You are not allowed to have more then 1 house and 1 Shop in Meowburg.
  • Do not block public entrances
2.7 - Temporary Horde Structures, Barricades and Items:
If you place barricades, structures made from barricades or sentries / turrets in, above or within range of an area where loot spawns then you must remain actively engaged in that area.

3.0 - Donator Rules [DR]

Donator strikes: Each donator has a max of 3 strikes, these strikes are given when breaking the following donator rules found below. After 3 strikes your rank will be removed. Strikes can also be given if the donator repeatedly breaks other rules.
3.1 - Selling Vehicles:
Donators may not sell any vehicle for unreasonably low prices as this ruins the economy.
3.2 - Selling Items:
Donators may not sell any Items for unreasonably low prices as this ruins the economy. This includes items from kits.
3.3 - Selling Kits:
Donators may not sell any Kits for unreasonably low prices as this ruins the economy.